Laptop Screen Replacements

Laptop Screen Replacements

We offer screen replacements on a wide variety of laptop models and sizes. All repairs include 3-months parts and labour warranty as standard.

Fast Turnaround

We stock common display panels in our store to ensure a fast turnaround. If we have your screen in-stock, you can typically expect to have your machine back in as little as 1-hour!

Don’t stock your screen? No problem! We can have the required screen ordered and fitted in 1-3 working days depending on availability.

Cheaper than you think!

Price is dependent on the model, with prices commonly starting at £90. If you own a machine with a damaged screen less than 15.6-inches, this may be cheaper! Contact us today with your model number for a free quotation.

High Quality Parts ONLY

Many screen manufacturers produce screens up to the standard ISO 9241, which allows for as many as 5 dead pixels to be visible on even a brand new display. 

We believe your screen should be FLAWLESS. After all, you look at it all the time! Here at The IT Way, we test all replacement panels to ensure there are ZERO DEAD PIXELS. Guaranteed.

More information on our screen replacement service can be found on our services page here.

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