This weeks repairs

Computer Repairs

It’s been a busy week there at The IT Way in Wigan. Here is a sort rundown of some of the jobs we have worked on this week:

We have had a few Apple macs in for repair. One with a virus infection and one with a faulty logic board. We managed to repair them both I am please to say. You may be surprised¬†to hear that a Mac came in for virus removal. Unfortunately you shouldn’t believe the hype that Apple products are totally immune from security issues. Whilst it is true that OSX is less likely to get a virus it can still happen. We still recommend a good antivirus and cloud backup solution for mac users.

Several Ipads have been in this week. from series 2 to ipad airs, and minis. A few broken screen a few with faulty lcds. As we hold parts in stock most were fixed same day with official apple parts.

We have seen quite a few windows laptops this week too. a few spit drinks (back up your data people) and some general upgrade work.

The shop has also been busy making a few gaming desktops to customers requirements. We have sold out of budget desktop Dell 780s but more are on the way tomorrow.

We still have pleny of quality low cost laptops for sale and have put out some new units this week.

As usual any computer related questions or querys just drop us a line or pop into the shop.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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